Monday, October 20, 2008

Me and Elizabeth Dulemba

My storybook from Elizabeth's class

Class at John C. Campbell in August

My Illustrations Web Site

Looks like I have not managed to blog anything here since the wedding in June. During that time I got a job teaching art in elementary school, Daniel continues to work for the paper, we just found an apartment 2 weeks ago and moved in, and I have joined SCBWI went to a great workshop at John C. Campbell taught by Elizabeth O. Dulemba who has been both a great teacher and a supporter of my work. After the workshop in Brasstown, I went to a portfolio workshop in Decatur, GA. You can see some photos by looking at Elizabeth's blog. Then this past weekend I went to Birmingham for the SCBWI Southern Breeze Fall '08 Conference. It was a good way to meet some of the greats and get some ideas for moving forward. To tell you the truth, half the ideas of what I want to do next I had already been thinking about....but now I have a resolve and more determination to get it done and not put it off until a "better time". School is alright. I like teaching. But I'm not really fond of all the other things teachers have to do outside of the actual teaching, ie; writing notes home, calling parents, attending faculty meetings, attending induction meetings, doing work and reading manuals about classroom discipline for my induction class, getting observed, doing technology training (oh I have no problem with technology, just don't really enjoy the long lectures on policy, etc). I'm pretty sure most home room teachers have it harder than me (being an art teacher), but the kids also think its playtime when they come to art and feel like oil pastels and erasers should be used as missiles. So, I'm pretty sure I would like to illustrate full time instead. Until that time, I'll keep doing my best at school, and hope I'm doing better than it feels like I am.
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