Saturday, September 22, 2007

Back in the States

Hey there, welcome to our blog!

We have been back in the States for a about 6 weeks or so now, and having lots of adventures. Daniel drove all the way from Minnesota to South Carolina. On the way we visited with Carrie (who I found out I am distantly related to through the Subletts on my Dad's!) and Chris. We saw Arnett Hollow play an excellent set while we were in Louisville, KY before heading down to SC.

Then Akira Matsui, a teacher from Daniel's previous school in Japan, came to visit us in Charlotte, NC. On the same day he flew in we met up with Rose, our friend from Japan who lives here now, and her BF also named Dan who is high school photo teacher. And we got to help them celebrate their birthday's! Yay! They showed us some great spots in the city and we went to a gallery crawl event.

Another day we took Akira up to Salisbury to visit with Ben, Daniel's brother, and Erin, Ben's fiancee, and we went to the Transportation Museum and saw old cars and flight simulator's and trains. That night we made a Jack-0-lantern and toasted pumpkin seeds. There is still over a month before Halloween so I figure we have time to do at least 2 more before then!

And still, the job hunt continues for us both, as well as the home search. I hope next time I'll have a positive update about it. See you next time,

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Charlie said...

Hi Brooke,
Just checking in after seeing you in Facebook, then Stuffy on YouTube. Isn't the internet great?

Last time I saw you, you were pickin' up in Yoshikawa. You and Daniel look great, good luck in the job hunt (hint: do what you love)

Be Well and Be Good.

Charlie in Japan