Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baby oh Baby!

The new love of our life is just over a month old now. He is a blue-eyed strawberry blonde at the moment. He amazingly managed to come out 9lbs 4 oz. and is now over 10lbs. He likes looking at windows and lights and his parents' faces. He doesn't like cold milk or even slightly wet diapers, or going to sleep between the hours of 11pm and 2am. (Though sometimes we have quicker success than others). When he gets asleep, he will keep sleeping through a brass band or hammers banging (really, this has been tested).

We have almost managed to move into our house (which we closed on back in March). It took a while since we both continued to work full time until Eli was born, and even though I am doing payroll and the like at home, between diaper changing, feeding and soothing the little guy it is still a full time job. So the house has had the kitchen and flooring ripped out, been painted, re-floored, new light fixtures, even new switches. Still have some work to do in the main bath and base boards to put up around the house, but other than that we are thinking we might get moved in this weekend! Yay! Before and after pictures coming soon.

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